Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. 2011

  • Dear Daddy,
  • Thank you for all the times you sat in the bleachers watching me play volleyball and basketball.
  •  Thank you for all the trips we took together across country as a family in the back of a car while you drove 400+ miles a day.
  •  Thank you for teaching me to love this country as much as I do.
  • Thank you for the fun BBQ’s all summer…. and 4th of July trips to Red Devil fireworks over in San Fernando cause they were illegal to sell in Granada Hills.
  •  Thank you for letting me keep the mallard duck I found on the side of the road and them letting me nurse it back to health with your help w./ an eyedropper.
  • Thank you for all the times you got Nora and I treats those nights she slept over.
  • Thank you for saying to me the day before my wedding that if I was uncertain at all that I could walk away and you did not care about the deposits. Only that I’d be happy forever and was sure that I was marrying the right guy.

Thank you for giving me the understanding that it’s more important to be principled than popular.

Thank you for treating me with respect so I chose a husband that treated me that way too.

Thank you for the gift of my artistic talents.

Thank .you for being moral, and upstanding and even though you were imperfect, I always knew that you loved me and were doing your best.

Thank you for just always BEING there.

I love you and miss you, but will see you again someday. Tell Mommy I said hi.

Love from your baby, Mary Michelle.

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