What would I do if I were not afraid?

What would I do if I were not afraid?
I would stop being a people pleaser. I would not seek to be liked by everyone, to be popular, to be a part of the “in” group. I would not chase after and compromise my true self to gain the admiration or acceptance of people that I do not even like, do not trust or respect, do not want to be around and have no desire to be like. I would set clear and appropriate boundaries in a kind but strong manner, and not be afraid to say “no” or “enough” and mean it. And not care what their reaction would be.
I would show courage. And tenacity. And resilience. I would not be afraid to try something and possibly fail. I would live my life openly, honestly and congruently. I would know exactly who I am, what I am good at, and I would love and take care of myself on every level. I would not indulge in things that may be what I want in the short term, but that undermine my long term goals to be happy and healthy. To be successful in that I am using my abilities and growing personally as well as professionally. And that I my daily behavior would be in alignment with my ultimate goal of being able to Love and Serve the Lord by loving and serving others.
I would not tolerate negative energy in my life by allowing people’s own limiting beliefs about themselves or me to affect me. I would constantly access my environment and weed out the energy zappers and time wasters in my life.
I would listen to and trust my own inner voice that hears God when He speaks to me. I would strive to be the best me and not downplay my potential. I would not make excuses. I would dream big and go for what I really want. And through it all I would show the world who I really am.

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