I am a California girl, but my Mom was born in Iowa, so I have always had mid-west sensibilities, now loving being a southern Belle!

I have been married to my darling NY Italian husband, Al, for 28 years now, and we are honestly happier than ever. We love living in North Carolina. We’re thriving despite any and all circumstances due to our relationship with the Lord.

We have 2 adorable and completely spoiled rotten Pembroke Welch Corgi’s, Clyde and Molly. They run the house.

I have several professional passions:
My day job: I am a Nurse Recruiter (my career since 1999) for an amazing agency, Travel Nurse across America. I collaborate with my RN clients in helping them achieve their professional goals.
Contact info: W # 501-604-4852, email; michellec@nurse.tv, Travel Nurse across America website; http://www.nurse.tv

My other passion is Apriori, an anti-agin skin care product line; I am a Consultant and raving fan!
Here is my personal website and email; Apriori Contact info: https://www.useloveshare.com/IC/MichelleC/index.php

I am also and artist. I oil paint and this is one of the ways I express my appreciation for the hope and beauty in the world. NCMichelleC@live.com

All in all, I’m a happy and blessed girl.


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