Dr. Evil, Mini Me and Jesus.

Remember how happy and proud Dr. Evil was of Mini Me? He finally had someone JUST like him! And Mini Me wanted so badly to be loved, accepted and part of that was he emulated his new “Dad” in his dress, actions, attitude, behavior.
It was so cute how to see them together! Funny, funny stuff! But here’s the thing: Unlike Dr. Evil’s son Scott, when you saw Mini Me, there was NO QUESTION who he was. Who’s family he belonged to, who he wanted to be, who and what he represented.

My thought this morning was; How many of us as Christians are Mini Me’s?
And when people look at our lives, do they know without a doubt who’s family we belong to?

One of the greatest challenges facing our world today is the lack of leadership. People SO DESPERATELY want to be admired and loved and accepted by others. We never want to be labeled “One of those” with the eye rolling behind our backs that goes along with standing firm on our beliefs. And it’s not just the big stuff, the politics and social issues that people thing of. It’s the day to day little stuff where we are failing to stand up and make a difference. It’s what we are willing to ignore, take part in, watch, read, listen to where we are tolerating the junk that the world has to offer.

And so, here’s the question we can ask ourselves: When someone looks at my life, can they see that I too am a Mini Me?

That’s what the word Christian means, you know. “Little Christ.”

So when our co-workers see us at work, do they notice something different? That we do not take part in certain jokes, or talk about questionable TV or music, that we do not gossip or talk about co-workers or the boss, that we are honest, honerable and diligent in our work? Are we a good employee? A good boss? Do we even treat our rivals and competitors fairly and with integrity?
What about our families? Our spouse? Do they look at us and think that we are walking the walk or just talking the talk?

This Christian life is a narrow path. It means giving things up that we want to do. It means not being a part of certain things, being separate, being different. And that is REALLY uncomfortable. But if we seek the approval of our Lord Jesus as our model, if we truly wish to be His own Mini Me, that’s the path.
So. I guess the big question in our daily life is this: When people look at my life, are they suprised to find out that I am a Christian? Or do they see Him, even in a small way, in me?

Michelle’s first blog post.

I have decided to start a blog about….well, all things Michelle.



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Hope you enjoy it!

Love and a hug, Michelle